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Research Staff Member Optimization Control and Decision Science
Ireland Research Lab, Dublin, Ireland


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  IEEE Circuits and System Society  |  IEEE Control Systems Society


I joined IBM's Dublin Research Lab in November 2015, where I currently am a Research Staff Member in Optimization, Control and Decision Sciences.

I came to Dublin from Honolulu, Hawai'i, where I worked as the Lead System Engineer and System Integrator on the Honolulu Rail Transit Project (HRTP). I am proud of having successfully completed the system integration of this project, which is the first mass transit fully automatic driverless rail in the United States. Before landing in Hawai'i, I got my Ph.D. at the University of Naples Federico II: during my Ph.D. I developed a new approach, based on contraction theory, to analyze, control and synchronize nonlinear systems and networks.

The primary motivating factor in my research career has been the appeal of societal problems that lie at the intersections of cross discipline boundaries and that can have an impact in real-world applications. Within IBM I have the unique opportunity of developing this vision. In particular, I am developing an interdisciplinary research program at the intersection of control theory, systems engineering, AI and the research areas of interest include:

1. decentralized control of complex multi-agent systems (such as IoT);

2. design of intelligent in-car algorithms for connected and autonomous vehicles;

3. control and optimization of shared infrastructures;

4. privacy preserving consensus and optimization algorithms;

5. system identification and control for personalized health and systems/synthetic biology.

I am currently serving as Associated Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I and the IEEE Transactions on the Control of Network Systems.