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Senior Researcher / Platform Architect - Cognitive Buildings, Energy and Environment
Ireland Research Lab, Dublin, Ireland



Ray Lloyd is currently employed by IBM Research Ireland as a Senior Researcher / Architect in the Cognitive IoT Research Group. Before joining this group he held research and consultancy positions in Data Center Thermal Management within IBM and was chair of ISO/IEC JTC1 SG-Energy Efficient Data Centres. Previous to IBM, he spent many years in hardware development as a Principle Mechanical and Thermal Designer of large enterprise computer servers, laptop computers, telecommunications equipment, medical devices and aerospace sensing technologies and was founder and technical director of a software consultancy company.


  • Cognitive IoT for buildings
  • Refrigeration Analytics
  • Risk Communication in Postate Cancer Care
  • Cognitive Sales Tools

Ray holds a PhD in Thermal Physics and Computer Science from Dublin institute of Technology, a BSc in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin and a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Dublin Institute of Technology..