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EU Programs & Contracts Manager, IBM Research - Ireland
Ireland Research Lab, Dublin, Ireland



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Skills and Experience

• 10 years of project management experience in a leading global high-tech company.

• Responsibility for dozens of technological projects in Europe & the Middle East.

• Utilizing highly toned analytical and communication skills to overcome project challenges while cooperating with a broad spectrum of colleagues within the company and ensuring alignment between the legal, finance and business teams.

• Presenting periodic and ad hoc strategic assessments to upper management in addition to daily operational interaction with external customers on myriad of project related issues.

• Team player with highly developed presentation and communication skills.


Current Position:

IBM EU Programs & Contracts Manager, IBM Research - Ireland

1/2014 - Present

• Reviewing complex and highly strategic documents, amongst partnership agreements, providing support and consultation in order to ensure full compliance with IBM’s policies.

• Act as mediator between business and legal, negotiating agreements, interpreting legal documents, and working closely with attorneys in order to find creative solutions that mitigate legal risks and business needs.

•Responsible for policy aspects, compliance with EU rules as subject matter expert for EU projects.

• Professional lead for all contractual activities, supervising lawyers, providing guidance on relevant guidance on relevant policies, appropriate contract approvals processes, legal risk, compliance & strategy.  

• Leading strategic planning & implementation process for EU proposals submission, increasing significantly the number of approved EU proposals.

• Performing contract & business negotiation - define, negotiate and approve high impact agreements within the tech research community.

• Manage complex proposal stages with strict deadlines that accumulate many stakeholders such as legal, finance, business partners and administrators.

• Established a new dedicated team of professionals, designated to increase research collaborations, business deals and EU funding programs which rose to 9 projects in 2015-2016.

• Determine the lab’s business objectives, addressing both quantitative & qualitative targets in order to maintain research proposal pipeline generation, which impacted the lab with nine winnings.

• Established new business processes for implementation of IBM policies and guidelines in all contractual transaction documents relevant to government funded agreements.

• Co-initiator of the IBM-UCD co-laboratory in 2015 and responsible for the activities under this program. Main event in 2016 that I have built was colloquium on the cognitive IoT disruption, with speakers from the US and Europe.