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Academy of Technology LogoDistinguished Engineer, Member of IBM Academy of Technology
Dublin, Ireland




Clea Zolotow, — Dublin, Ireland - Clea Zolotow is a Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventory, member of the IBM Academy of Technology Technical Leadership Team, and is a Fellow of the British Computer Society.  She is an innovator in the design and implementation of world-wide technology for IBM's clients.

She develops leading-edge strategic outsourcing solutions that have broad impact, and results in patents and reusable capabilities.  She is a prolific patenter and is currently at the 18th plateau.  She's currently performing architectural end to end reviews of all engagements in the Dublin, Ireland Service Integration Hub.  She volunteers extensively for TeenTurn, a STEM group for women and girls.

Clea was the Co-Chair of the Rocky Mountain Computer Measurement Group (CMG), Papers Chair at the National CMG, and an Articles Editor at Measure IT, the CMG’s online journal from 2008 to 2015.

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She has been in Ireland since 2011, becoming a Distinguished Engineer in 2013 and a Master Inventor in 2015.