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Research Staff Member
IBM Research -- Ireland, Technology Campus Mulhuddart, Dublin 15, Ireland


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  Mathematical Optimization Society


I design and analyse algorithms for optimisation and control problems in power systems, transportation, statistics, and most recently, quantum technologies.


Selected papers in robust statistics (AI/ML):


Selected papers in power systems optimisation:


Selected papers in congestion control:


Selected talks:

  • Polynomial Optimisation in Power Systems at Alan Turing Institute, Institute for Mathematics and its Applications in Minneapolis, MN, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge, UK, Universities of Cardiff, Birmingham, Edinburgh, ..., as well as Concordia University, Czech Technical University, ENSTA ParisTech, RWTH Aachen.

  • Coordinate Descent for Big Data Optimization at Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, etc.

  • Policies for Bi-level Optimisation under Uncertainty, an invited tutorial at IWOBIP

  • Recommender Systems and their Effects, an invited talk at MUD, also featured at ECML/PKDD, ECIR, and school seminars at Trinity College Dublin and the University of Vienna. Slides here.

Recent Service: member of jury for the EURO Excellence in Practice Award; PC at AAAI, AISTATS, ICAPS, ICLR, ICML, IJCAI; an Outstanding reviewer award at NIPS 2016, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems Outstanding Reviewers for 2016, etc.

Bio: Together with some fabulous colleagues, Jakub Marecek develops solvers for optimisation and control problems at IBM Research -- Ireland. Jakub joined IBM Research from the School of Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh in August 2012. Prior to his brief post-doc in Edinburgh, Jakub had presented an approach to general-purpose integer programming in his dissertation at the University of Nottingham and worked in two start-up companies.


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