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Research Staff Member
Ireland Research Lab, Technology Campus Mulhuddart, Dublin 15, Ireland


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  Mathematical Optimization Society


My research is on the interface of mathematical optimization, machine learning, and control, with applications in power systems, transportation, and beyond.


Selected papers in power systems optimisation:


Selected papers in congestion control:


Selected papers in robust statistics:

Selected talks:


Recent Service: AISTATS, ICAPS, ICLR, ICML, NIPS; an Outstanding reviewer award at NIPS 2016, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems Outstanding Reviewers for 2016, etc.

Bio: Together with some fabulous colleagues, Jakub Marecek develops solvers for optimisation and control problems at IBM Research -- Ireland. Jakub joined IBM Research from the School of Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh in August 2012. Prior to his brief post-doc in Edinburgh, Jakub had presented an approach to general-purpose integer programming in his dissertation at the University of Nottingham and worked in two start-up companies.


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