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Academy of Technology LogoSenior Data Scientist - WCE (IBM Master Inventor)
Ireland Research Lab, Dublin, Ireland



Jonathan Dunne joined IBM in 2000 and has worked as a software developer and System and Performance engineer working across diverse set products and services. In 2009 Jonathan change role and began working as a Data Scientist, developing cognitive solutions in the real-time chat collaboration domain. Jonathan has 25 years experience working in the software industry.

Jonathan received his B.Sc degree in Computing and Statistics from the Open University, UK, in 2014. Jonathan completed his PhD with Maynooth University in the field of Mathematics and Statistics, graduating in Aug 2018. Jonathan has co-authored 20+ of academic papers in the field of Cloud computing and Network QoS.

Jonathan is a Master Inventor and has co-authored 200+ patents filings. His research interests include Cloud Outage event modelling, Corpus Linguistics and Machine Learning.