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Research Staff Member & Manager
IBM Dublin Technology Campus, Ireland


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I lead the High Performance Systems team in IBM Research Ireland, working on various aspects around computing as a service (be it virtualized or bare-metal) and data-centric computing, most of the times with a deep understanding with regard to semantics and system utilization profile of key applications/workloads of high business/scientific value. Some trending topics of interest are:

  • Software-defined, next generation cloud computing
  • Technology Foundations and Platforms for in-memory and edge computing
  • Convergence of data-centric/HPC systems and runtimes

My broader research interests lie in the area of communication/interconnection networks, from architecture/protocol design to resource dimensioning to systems/protocols performance analysis and optimization.

I hold a PhD in Technical Sciences from the ETH Zurich, Switzerland and a Diploma in Computer Engineering and Informatics from the University of Patras, Greece.

Κατρίνης Κατρινης ΚΑΤΡΙΝΗΣ