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Research Staff Member and Manager
Dublin Research Lab, Dublin, Ireland


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Professional Associations:  INFORMS  |  Society for Risk Analysis

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We just released a video and a blog about our project Decision Conversations Decoded.

Two of our demo papers have been accepted to NAACL 2018: Decision Conversations Decoded and Know Who Your Friends Are: Understanding Social Connections from Unstructured Text.

In April 2018, I presented our work on the Human Behaviour Change project at MIE 2018 (Here is the link to the paper). I has also participated in a symposium discussing all aspects of this project during CBC 2018.

Since October 2017, I am now a council member of the Decision Analysis Society, a subdivision of INFORMS. If you are interested in the field of Decision Analysis, do check out the society website.

I am honoured to have been invited as keynote speaker for the
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, UKIE Section - National Student Chapter Conference 2017 which will take place in NUI Galway in May 2017.

I discussed Cognitive Technologies and Decision Making at the Universite of Toulouse workshop on decision making April 24-26 2017.

We are starting a brand new project on behaviour Change through a collaboration with University College London. Find out more on the project website.

On November 29 2016, I presented the Debater project at the Joint Colloquium UCD / IBM Research - Ireland on The Cognitive IoT Disruption.

On December 14 2015, I participated to the Horizon Math event on Big Data and Healthcare hosted by IBM France where I had an opportunity to showcase our Medical Recap project (Video)

I presented our projects in using cognitive computing in Health and social care at the Cognitive Systems colloquium organised by Imperial College London and IBM, October 2015

Here is a blog explaining about decision making and our Medical Recap Project

I presented IBM Watson Chef and its implication for the Hospitality Business at the World Cuisine Summit in January 2015

I presented our debating technologies at TEDxHEC in September 2014 (Video)



I currently manage a team of 10+ researchers and software engineers working on a diversity of projects that seek to make use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to support decision making in a variety of situations including social care, health care, chemistry but also sales management.

I have been a Research Staff Member and Manager in IBM Ireland since April 2010. One of my previous roles was to lead the Risk Management Collaboratory project (see Projects). Before moving to Ireland, I was a member of the Risk Analytics group of the Business Application and Mathematical Science Department at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center.

My personal research interests lie in decision theory and risk analysis on one side and artificial intelligence (and in particular natural language processing) on the other side. Currently, my work presents a mixture of applied and conceptual work, including (i) information extraction in the field of behavior change (ii) causal modeling for recommendation of interventions in smoking cessation, (iii) learning algorithms for Bayesian networks from messy data and (iv) targeted sentiment analysis.

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I received M.S. degrees in Economic Systems from Ecole Polytechnique (France) in 1999 and in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University in 2001. I joined IBM Research in 2006 just after graduating from Stanford University with a PhD. in Management Science and Engineering.