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Research Software Engineer & Architect
IBM Research Ireland


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Martin Stephenson works as a Solutions Architect and Software Engineering Researcher in the Dublin Research Lab, in IBM Ireland, where his main role is as a Software Architect on various projects.

His current main focus is around Cognitive technologies, and implementing real-world systems on top of Cognitive technologies, including projects such as DALI (Data, Access, Linking and Integration)

He is responsible for the solution architecture and technical implementation of the "Open Innovation Portal" which was used for over 4 years as the open data engine for the publishing, and metadata tagging of open data for Dublin, Ireland. (

His current areas of interest are Cognitive, IoT, Open Data and design and implementation of city scale data applications.

Prior to this role he was the Lead Architect in the New Technology Incubation Center in IBM Ireland, where he designed and lead various projects including the solution architecture and technical implementation of GreenSigma(TM) and the Peterborough Sustainable City Visualistaion project.