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I am a research staff member at the Speech Technologies Group, which is part of Multimedia Technologies, which in turn is part of Information Analytics. My primary interest areas include: voice processing for extraction of bio-markers, information analytics with applications in smart cities and public safety, and multi-modal information analytics.

Vocal bio-markers: I am involved in research projects focused in developing new technologies for extracting vocal bio-markers from human voice and speech. Vocal bio-markers are physical indicators for several diseases and medical conditions. Among such conditions, the research aim to support early detection of laryngeal pathology including throat cancer, dementia including Alzheimer, and other mental disorders.

Information analytics for smart cities: I lead and involved in several related projects aiming to use innovative analytics to extract summarization of facts and events from multi-modal data, with focus on crowd-generated data, in near-real-time, to augment the situation awareness and the information available to smart cities and public-safety agencies.

Education: B.Sc. in computer engineering, M.Sc. in electrical engineering with expertise in signal processing, and D.Sc. (the equivalent of PhD for science and engineering) in electrical engineering with expertise in information theory. All degrees from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.