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Manager, Language and Conversation, IBM Research AI
IBM Haifa Research Lab



Ateret Anaby Tavor is a research staff member and the manager of the Language and Conversation group in IBM Research (with part of the team belonging to Watson Assistant). Her main responsibly focuses on devising the next generation of AI for Watson Assistant, Applying Machine Learning, NLU, and Algorithmic approaches to revolutionize the way chatbots are being built and maintained. Ateret also oversees research done in her team in the domains of Deep Learning and NLG. When joining the Watson group Ateret has led the team on launching IBM Watson Tradeoff Analytics, an innovative cognitive service that was part of the Watson Developer Cloud. Tradeoff Analytics combined smart visualization and analytical recommendations for easy and intuitive exploration of decision tradeoffs. Prior to this assignment Ateret’s research was focused on the future of business modeling tools.


Ateret has gained a lot of experience in Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Decision Analytics, and Operational Research. Ateret has numerous academic publications and patents.


She received M.Sc in Information Management Engineering (Cum Laude) from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.