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Software Engineer - Language and Conversation



As a software engineer in the machine learning group at IBM Research – Haifa, I spend my time
working on deep learning for text analytics. I handle all aspects of our project connected to the software infrastructure, including demos, support, testing and all kinds of cloud services. In short, everything the researchers need for their software environment is my responsibility. My experience includes substantial coding in Java for projects such as Melody and Finalyzer, where I developed the frontend, backend, web, and database.
More recently, I’ve been deepening my knowledge on Tensorfhttps://www.tensorflow.org/low, an open source Python framework for machine learning, to facilitate my team's activity. We are just getting started and I’ve got some exciting challenges ahead with my work in code design and architecture for
learning systems.
I got both my bachelor's degree in physics and my masters in electrical engineering from Tel-Aviv University. My graduate studies focused on algorithms, and I completed my final project on scaling up and optimizing heavy duty text-related algorithms.
I believe in work life balance. Aside from spending quality time with my wife, son, and dog, I try to make time for woodworking and rock climbing.