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STSM, Cloud Architect - Computing as a Service
Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



Mr. Raichstein is a senior technical staff member, cloud architect at IBM Haifa Research, Computing as a Service (CaaS) department, working on networking and compute for next generation cloud infrastructures. Current research focus is on next generation network virtualization, network services, elastic workloads, and next gen. cloud infrastructures. Prior to that, Mr. Raichstein led the Networking and Virtualization Technologies Research Group with focus on software define networks, data center networking, I/O and virtualized operating system technologies.

Prior to that, as architect of TSM and TSM FastBack. Mr. Raichstein worked on communication and storage technologies, and experience in the design and implementation of large-scale heterogeneous systems. He has a broad knowledge of the data storage field from both a technical and a market perspective, as his responsibilities have included software development, risk analysis and managing customer relationships.

Eran joined IBM as part of the FilesX acquisition in 2008. Prior to that, As CTO of FilesX, Mr. Raichstein lead the technology vision and strategy for the FilesX product suite for five years. He has been involved in the development of FilesX products for five years and has hands-on experience in product design and engineering, as well as field-testing and customer deployment. During that period, Eran was responsible for products in the storage and communication field, which resulted in new innovative approaches to handle HTTP and TCP/IP layers using HW acceleration.

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