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Language and Retrieval, IBM Research AI
Haifa Research Lab, Tel-Aviv, Israel


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Dr. Guy Feigenblat is a team leader at the Language and Retrieval group in IBM Research AI.

Guy is involved in AI, NLP and Information Retrieval (IR) research. He currently leads a project focusing on automatic document summarization (query-based, generic, extractive, abstractive) for various domains and use cases. Recently he also became interested in applications of Table Retrieval. As part of his current role, Guy leads a team of researches that develop and integrate several research technologies into IBM Watson. 

Prior to that he was involved in Affective computing research, exploring how cognitive bots can express and predict human emotions. He was also leading a project focusing on intelligent location-based technology to analyze and predict in-store location behavior of customers. 


Guy has published several patents and papers in leading venues.  He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Bar-Ilan University, under the supervision of Professor Ely Porat. In the academia his research focused on data structures, hash-functions, pattern matching and data mining.