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STSM, Lead Researcher - Master Inventor - Language & Retrieval
IBM Research AI



I'm a senior technical staff member (STSM), lead researcher and a master inventor - a member of the Language & Retrieval research group @ IBM Research AI.
My current role is to drive IR innovation into Watson (Discovery Service/Assistant) with a focus on AI-driven customer care and AI4IT initiatives.

Within IBM, over the years, I have led and been involved in numerous R&D projects in various scales and diverse domains such as Search (Discovery) & Content Analysis, Social Media, Telco, Services, CRM, Commerce, Marketing, and Healthcare.

While my main research focus and expertise is information retrieval (IR), I also used to work (and still work from time to time) on problems related to recommender systems, social media, content management, NLP and semantic Web.

My main research nowadays is focused on core IR topics (query performance prediction, focused retrieval, fusion, ranking and automatic text summarization). I investigate the application of unsupervised and semi-supervised learning methods for search quality assessment and optimization. I also focus on novel retrieval problems within conversational search and interactive (dialog or voice) systems.

I'm an active member in the SIGIR research community, including numerous academic publications, PC memberships, workshops and tutorial organizations. I won the ACM ICTIR 2018 best paper award.
In IBM Research, I serve as a co-chair of the Knowledge PIC, responsible for IR area.
As a master inventor in IBM, I have filed more than 50 patents (~30 issued so far).

I'm also an adjunct lecturer in the computer science department in the University of Haifa, teaching various (under)graduate courses (Web programming, databses, information retrieval, advanced seminars). 

I hold a B.Sc degree in information systems engineering (2004 - Cum Laude) and a Ph.D degree in information management engineering (2008 - supervised by Prof. Avigdor Gal), both from the Technion - Israel institute of technology.
My research thesis was: Profile-based Online Data Delivery - Model and Algorithms