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Researcher Privacy and Security
Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



I am a researcher in the Data Security and Privacy group in IBM Research - Haifa. My current research is in the areas privacy and trust. I am currently working on masking, data classification and anonymization. Our work on the Data Masking Toolkit (Magen) includes developing advanced masking methods such as Format Preserving Encryption and Tokenization as well as support for masking complex formats such as Docx and PDF. Our work on anonymization includes support for advanced k-anonymization algorithms (Hilbert, R+Tree) as well as support for big data. The data classification research focuses on identifying and classifying basic data items in DBs by utilizing advanced statistical methods. Before joining IBM, I received my Ph.D. on the topic of Intrusion Detection Systems from Northeastern University working under Prof. David Kaeli in the computer architecture research laboratory (NUCAR).