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Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



I am a researcher in the Haifa Research Lab. My current research is related to Software Defined Manufacturing (SDM). Manufacturing becomes programmable end-to-end across the entire value chain: starting from sourcing of the suppliers of designs, parts, and raw materials; to electronically submitting orders that can be automatically processed on the manufacturer side; to assembly; and to reconfiguration of supply chain relationships on demand. Future manufacturing will be software defined, implying a rich ecosystem of services, systems, manufacturing machines, interconnected into a global manufacturing fabric analogous to how information services are interconnected today on the Internet. Collectively, these services will facilitate Software Defined Supply Chains, opening up a plethora of new business opportunities. My group focuses on developing a robust, cost efficient, secure, and extensible cloud based Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) ICT platform for B2B collaborative manufacturing. We build upon recent advances in Factories of the Future and take them to the next level of performance, security, dependability, and cost-efficiency. We put an emphasis on integrating Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies that allow efficient and sustainable use of materials for building complex geometries, with the rest of the manufacturing ecosystem by means of IoT and Cloud. 

Software Defined Manufacturing

I've also recently worked on cloud topics including leveraging storlets to move computation function closer to physical storage to process data on the storage cloud more efficiently and enabling the movement of virtual machines between a federation of cloud providers to support resource allocation, migration, and disaster recovery.

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