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Research Staff Member, Data Security and Privacy
Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



I joined IBM in 2000. At the moment I am a researcher in Data Security and Privacy group working on the Structured Data Classification project. My previous project was about data policy and concent management. In my past I was dealing with simulation and modeling, business optimization, SOA and BPM. Before joining consent management research my interest was in System Engineering, namely Formal Verification of UML/SysML behavior/state machines. Currently I am excited to work with data classification team from both HRL and DRL.
My latest award:

Unit Technical Award (OIA/OTAA) Outstanding Technical Achievement Award
Years of Service Recognition Program Service Recognition Award

My past awards:

Component Business Modeling and Business Architecture Outstanding Research Accomplishment 2008
IBM's Solution Workbench for Oracle (2011) A - Accomplishment
Research contribution to A&D Systems Engineering (2011)  A - Accomplishment
Research Contributions to A&D Systems Engineering (2013) - OU - Outstanding
Research Leadership and Contributions to Watson Health  (2017) A - Accomplishment
DPCM - Data Policy and Consent Management (2019)  A - Accomplishment