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Hardware Verification Technologies
IBM Research - Haifa, Israel



Yehuda leads the quantum computing activity at IBM Research - Haifa (HRL) as part of the worldwide IBM work on IBM Q. As part of the verification technologies department at HRL, we are naturally focused on verification and simulation methods of the quantum computer. In particular, we are aiming to apply methods of simulation and verification for quantum machines beyond the 50-qubit threshold, where verification by exact simulation on classical machines is no longer an option.

At HRL since 2000, Yehuda has led activities crossing various mathematical technologies, including constraint satisfaction, non-convex optimization, game theory, and machine learning, applying them to such domains as hardware verification, automotive design, workforce optimization, and smart agriculture.

Yehuda holds a B.Sc. in Physics and Math, M.Sc. in experimental physics, and Ph.D. in theoretical physics, all from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Before joining IBM he spent four years at SUNY Stony Brook as a research scientist. He is the co-author of dozens of peer-reviewed research papers, and the co-inventor of fourteen patented ideas.

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