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Manager, Emerging Quality Technologies
Haifa, Israel



I'm the manager of the Emerging Quality Technologies group. We develop methodologies, technologies and tools in the area of Formal Verification, Test Generation and Simulation, leveraging over 20 year of expertise in the aforementioned technologies with a proven track record in the Hardware domain where these technologies and tools are being used to verify IBM's high end servers.

There are a number of areas in which we are focusing our effort as part of our goal to introduce cutting edge verification technologies to be applied on Cyber-physical systems and Critical Software.

We have a number of activities in the Insurance industry, such as verifying the complex migration of a claim processing system's business logic and the generation of data for the purpose of testing, in the latter we utilize our expertise and technologies in the Constraint Solving Problem domain.

In addition we have a number of activities in the A&D and Automotive industries, these include the formal verification of the behavioral aspects of the system and the creation of expert systems for test generation.

Moreover, we are developing a static analysis technology and tool for software verification, specifically optimized for large distributed critical software.

We are also participating in a number of EU projects, driving the beyond state of the art research of verification technologies.