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Research Staff Member
IBM Haifa Research Lab



My major theoretical research interests lie in two fields. The first one incorporates stochastic models and, especially, the queueing theory, including models with impatience/abandonment, queues with uncertain arrival rate, approximation regimes and priority queues. The second field is statistics, including forecasting and survival analysis.

My main applied research interests include:
  • Call centers and IT support: staffing, cost analysis, satisfaction of service level agreements, operational regimes, impact of customer impatience, load forecasting.
  • Business Process Management: staffing and real-time scheduling in multi-process environment, simulation methods in BPM.
  • Health Care: applications of queueing models in operational management, load forecasting in hospitals, simulation of health care systems.
  • Water management: demand forecasting, maintenance planning, failure analysis.

I published a number of papers in the leading operations research and statistical journals. Main programming/statistical tools in my work are Matlab, SPSS and Java language.