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STSM, Information & Social Analytics, HRL
Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel


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Professional Associations:  Apache Lucene/Solr

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I am a Senior Technical Staff Member at the Social Analytics & Technologies group at IBM Research - Haifa.

I develop Information Retrieval technologies and algorithms, from the inner core parts of a search engine to distribution layers, features and algorithms on top.

I participate and lead projects that require developing large-scale Big Data IR applications, both on-premis and in the cloud. I have built a Solr-as-a-Service solution on IBM's BlueMix, offering users to provision their own Solr instances and index and search their content, while the system took care of the instances' high-availbility and recovery.

I also develop IR algorithms such as re-ranking, passage retrieval, query performance prediction and contextual search on top of the leading Open Source technologies: Apache Lucene, Apache Solr and Elasticsearch.

I'm also an Apache Lucene/Solr committer and PMC member. Over the years I've contributed numerous enhancements, improvements and features to Lucene and Solr and became part of the amazing group of committers.