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Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel


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Professional Associations:  IEEE Member  |  IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society


Starting with Computer vision, graphics and medical image processing for my PhD thesis, I developed interests in a large number of subjects. Yet, my professional work in IBM led me to work on a number of significant projects in diverse areas from optical disk storage, online books as early as on main frames, distributed systems, on through medical PACS to Telco, and on to Systems Engineering, modeling, semantic web and most recently on to iOS, IoT, cognitive computing and NLP conversation.

I have been busy since about 2010 with European Community (EU) projects, SPRINT and DANSE (FP7 projects) and presently PSYMBIOSYS - a H2020 project, which are related to System Engineering, specifically model based (MBSE). Work in MBSE started by contributing to several IBM projects, which followed into leading the IBM teams for the EU projects, in which I developing a new technology and tools for doing semantic mediation on system models for tools interoperability. That technology is now (2017) being contributed to the open source softwer (OSS) community and is done so as part of the PSYMBIOSYS project.

Presently and during in the last two years, I have been working on iOS app development, IoT (ranging from devices to cloud services), wearable frameworks for work-place safety, and most recently with the Watson Cognitive Conputing IBM cloud platform (Bluemix) on several focus points, including NLP and conversation framework for the end user solutions.

Prio to this period, working with GBS India and Israel, I led my team in developing (and on to deployment and operation) the core technology for a massive Telco event processing. That is the Massive Collection System - MCS. MCS has been deployed in two of the largest Indian Telco providers Bharti for RA and BI and in IDEA for comprehensive RA. 

In this context, I am interested in Domain Specific Languages and modeling using EMF that were used to develop the MCS rules language, and in direct execution state machines over WAS which provides a reliable framework for massive data processing solutions. This work also involved another FOAK with MTN South Africa, and a joint project studying the Hadoop platform for doing an MCS-type benchmark and compare it with MCS on WAS and other improvements.

Before that I led the development (95-01) and deployment of MedRx - the first paperless and filmless radiology solution in Israel in its largest and most known hospital - Sheba near Tel-Aviv. The comprehensive solution showed many technological breakthrough. Yet, IBM exited from the PACS market and moved to other directions in medical information processing and image storage solutions so that MedRx has been withdrawn, but left its deep marks in HRL as it laid the foundation for the extensive health-related activities in the lab.

Preceding the work on MedRx, I developed (during the early 90's) a novel technology for developing and managing distributed systems via RPC we called Program partitioning that rolled into some tools for automating DCE standard compliant apps.

Earlier (in the 80's), I led the development of novel optical disk storage solutions which moved on to an online books applciation that worked on early main frames, and later on deployed on OS/2 workstations.

In parallel to my day job, I have been adjunct lecturer in the computer science and the EE departments of the Technion, supervised several master stutents to graduation, and have been the liaison for the IBM University Relations with the CS department of the Technion. I presently collaborate with the Industrial Engineering and Management department of the Technion, specifically in the Enterprise System Modeling headed by professor Dov Dori.

I have 3 grownup boys and four grandchildren. I like sailing - which is where my picture above is taken, and sking from time to time.