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Project Leader, Social Analytics and Technologies Group
Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



I am a researcher specializing in social engagement analytics (e.g. reputation, social network analysis, enterprise social based attrition risk factors) and behavior based recommendation systems.

Today I lead the research and development of a personalized social and behavioral change model built within a nutrition related application whose aim it to pro-actively help users reach their nutrition goals and maintain them over time.

Up to recently, I lead the social analytics aspects in the Personal Social Dashboard (PSD) tool. My main roles were to define a set of metrics to measure social engagement and to further research and develop a unique personalized recommendation system that provides employees with personalized recommendations for raising their social eminence in the enterprise social network.

Before that I lead our group’s technical contributions to Societies and SocIoS EU projects. In parallel, I contributed to the Voyage social travel application project. In these projects I gained wide experience with reputation, gamification, games for crowds, and social analytic.

Prior to joining the Social Analytics and Technologies group, I specialized in the area of model driven development, rapid application development, and have major experience in eclipse plugin development.