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Academy of Technology LogoResearcher - Data Security & Privacy,
Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



I joined IBM Haifa Research Lab in 1998 as a Research Staff Member. Over the years I have been involved in research, innovation, and development projects in a variety of technical and domain fields including syntax directed editors, code reuse tooling, visual representation of optimization systems for shift scheduling, distributed computing and algorithms, data privacy and data classification.

Since 2017 I am part of the Data Security and Privacy Group.   My current research focus is Data Classification.  The goal is to identify and classify data items in structural databases by utilizing innovative and new methods. Specifically I focus on advanced Fuzzy matching techniques for term and domain matching. 

During the years I have received several awards and accomplishments. For example, for FRAPPE which had a major contribution to WAS Liberty, and for my latest work on Data Policy and Consent Management (DPCM). IBM's Chief Data Office adopted DPCM to provide internal IBM applications with a unified way to collect, manage and enforce user consent.  Most recently, IBM Security has incorporated DPCM in their Security Verify (ISV) offering to provide advanced purpose-driven consent management capabilities.