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Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive computing researcher cum Storage Engineer



S Aditya Gautam is an Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive computing researcher who also works as a storage Engineer in IBM. Main research interests of Aditya include but not limited to Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Evolutionary Computation, Brain to computer Interface, neuroscience, Block Chain.

Aditya is actively involved in doing research in various fields. He has published his research papers in IEEE Explore & is actively working over innovative patent ideas with senior architects, Master Inventors & world wide experts in his interested fields. He is mainly focused over using AI & cognitive computing for the benefit of mankind and improving the present state of art in various field like Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Storage, Brain to computer interface, human cognition & many more.

He is currently working over accessibility research which aims to improve the readability and understadability of content for people with cognitive disabilities by making the content easier to understand by means of AI systems in the way which best suits them.