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Research Software Engineer
India Research Laboratory, Bangalore, India


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  Association for Computational Linguistics  |  International Speech Communication Association (ISCA)

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Anirban Laha is associated with the AI Tech group at IBM Research AI - India. He is working in applications of machine learning/deep learning in natural language processing and computer vision. Since joining IBM in 2015, he has been involved in mainly the following projects:

Natural Language Generation [2017-current] : This project is aligned with the broader vision of Artificial Intelligence as to how to make machines generate textual content which looks natural or human-like. Some examples of this area are image captioning, document summarization, machine translation, structured data summarization, paraphrase generation, etc. Currently, he is exploring some challenging research problems in this area.

Machine Learning for Creativity [2017] : This project started with the question : 'Can machines become more creative like humans?'. Intrigued by this question, he has been working on understanding principles of creativity and how learning algorithms can be adapted for creative content generation.

IBM Debating Technologies [2015-2016] : This is a grand challenge project where the goal is to develop technologies that can assist humans to reason, make decisions, or persuade others. As part of this project, he had been involved in article type classification and deep learning efforts for sequence classification and sequence labelling.

Prior to joining IBM, his educational qualifications include Masters from IISc Bangalore (2011-2013) and BE from Jadavpur University Kolkata (2006-2010). His prior work experience include SDE at (2010-2011) and Applied Scientist at Microsoft Bing Ads (2013-2015).