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Research Scientist, Cognitive Systems
India Research Laboratory, Bangalore, India


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More information:  LinkedIn  |  DARVIZ - Deep Learning IDE  |  Machine Learning for Creativity


Anush Sankaran is a Researcher in the Cognitive Solutions and Services team. His research interests include deep learning, image processing, human cognition, and their applications.  He is now primarily leading efforts in two projects

  • DARVIZ - Its a visual programming IDE, where you could design a deep learning model using an intuitive drag-and-drop framework. Once designed, DARVIZ could write the execution ready deep learning code for you in three platforms - Tensorflow, CAFFE, and Theano. This tool helps in extreme rapid prototyping of deep learning models and implementation of state of art papers.
  • Machine Learning for Creativity - One of the elusive goals of artificial intelligence remains human-level creativity. All attempts to emulate creativity artificially fall under the umbrella of an emerging field called computational creativity. The goal of this project is to create creative assistants to help augment human creative experts in various fields

He is  currently  pursuing  the  Ph.D.  degree  with  the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi, India. He was a recipient of the TCS  Ph.D.  Research  Fellowship  from  2010  to 2015. He has written many peer-reviewed conferences and journals and also has the Best  Poster  Awards  in  the  IEEE BTAS 2013 and the IEEE IJCB 2014. Anush received the B.Tech. degree (Gold Medal) in computer science from the Coimbatore Institute of  Technology,  Coimbatore,  India,  in  2010.