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Senior Researcher and Manager
India Research Laboratory, Bangalore, India


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I am a senior researcher and manager in Data&AI department of IBM Research at Bangalore. 

My research interest includes Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge representation, Program Analysis, Security, Software Debugging, Testing, Verification, and Programming Languages.  My current focus is on building dependable AI systems using bias and adversarial AI testing, debugging, and verification. I am also building natural language dialogue systems for cognitive interaction with structured and unstructured data. My past projects in IBM are related to Automated Fault Localization, Program Repair, Program Equivalence, Program Refactoring, Program Tracing and Profiling, Program Migration/Translation, API Extraction, and Grammar Inference.


I received my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. My advisors were Prof. C. R. Ramakrishnan and Prof. Scott A. Smolka. I received my B.E. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Jadavpur University. Prior to joining IBM Research, I have worked with Motorola India Research Lab at Bangalore and Interra IT at Noida.

Latest News:


  • I am invited to serve on the PC of CAST 2019 https://cast19.athenarc.gr/
  • I am invited to serve on the PC of ICSOC 2020 (Research Track)
  • I am invited to serve on the PC of VLDB 2020 (Research Track)
  • I am invited to serve on the PC of IJCAI 2019 (Research Track)
  • I am invited to serve as the PC Co-Chair of ISEC 2020
  • I am invited to serve on the PC of CODS-COMADS 2020 
  • Our work on Bias in AI Systems is available through AI OpenScale in IBM Cloud as well as thru open source AI Fairness 360
  • I am invited to serve on the PC of VLDB 2019 (Research Track)
  • Our paper on Bias Detection got accepted in ICASSP 2019.