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Research Software Engineer
India Research Laboratory, New Delhi, India


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I currently hold the position of Research Software Engineer at IBM Research, working in the Collaborative Cognition group at the Delhi office. I work on both research and development side of projects in my job role; My current area of work includes building the cognitive platform IBM Watson Recruitment under the Watson Talent Management agenda. I am also actively working as a part of the project called - Cogniculture, where my team and I aim to develop next-gen social machines to acquire necessary socio-cultural adaptability skills to sustain (e.g. essential supplies self-sufficiency), survive (e.g. protect from environmental threats), and evolve (e.g. co-create far superior social welfare) in a civilization. 

Besides this, I was also a part of SKillSmart project (Automated dynamic skill taxonomy generation). In this project I had contributed in data collection modules (IBM accomplishment database from IBM Notes, ACM ccs taxonomy), implemented basic taxonomy structure, developed skill-definition API, contributed in developing wiki-article extraction API and Taxonomy algorithm (Edmond’s Algorithm), Creating ground truth for skill-extraction classifier, explored Word2vec in python (genism library) and Natural Language Classifier (IBM Watson API).This project Won the BEST IN SHOW (1st prize) globally as a 5-membered team in Expertise Challenge within IBM.

Prior to IBM, I completed my post graduation at IIT-Roorkee working in the field of Data Mining, and under graduation at Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur in Computer Science, working in the field of Wireless Communication and Graph Theory. I had participated in various competitive coding competition and hackathons. Among these Regional finalist in ACM ICPC and AIR-1 in Musigma can be highlighted. 


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