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STSM, Senior Manager
IBM Research, Bangalore, India


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I am a Senior Research Scientist working in the area of Artificial Intelligence at IBM Research. My research interests are in the area of machine learning applied to natural language processing and computer vision.

I manage the AI for Interaction Dept at IBM Research India where we are exploring new directions in deep learning for complex question-answering, knowledge graphs, and conversational systems as well as their novel use-cases in industry applications.

I serve as the IBM Principal Investigator for our AI Horizons Network (AIHN) scientific partnership with IIT-Bombay since 2018.

Before joining IBM Research, I got my PhD in Computer Science from The Ohio State University in 2011 where I worked on multiple instance learning (MIL) for object tracking in videos.

[NOTE: We are hiring for Research Scientist and Research Engineer positions in my group at both our Bangalore and Delhi labs. If you are interested in these areas (see publications below), please drop me an email!]

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