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Academy of Technology LogoSenior Software Engineer (Research), IBM Master Inventor, IBM AoT Member
India Research Laboratory, New Delhi, India



Kuntal Dey is a Senior Software Engineer (Research) in IBM Research India, and is currently working with the Artificial Intelligence Engineering division in IBM Research India.

Kuntal has been a part of IBM Research India back since 2007. He has worked across multiple projects in IBM Research India. His areas of interest are the following.

  1. Natural language processing (NLP) - theor and applicaitons.
  2. Social network and social media analysis using graphs, machine learning and NLP.
  3. Advertising and marketing.
  4. Applications of machine learning.
  5. Cognitive/perception computing (eye gaze, sound procesing etc.) and extensions.

Kuntal has several research papers (50+) to his name, across multiple leading conferences and journals. He also has a number of patents filed/ready to be filed (100+) in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and many of them have been granted while many others are currently under evaluation by USPTO.

Kuntal is an IBM Master Inventor, recognized across the globe for his significant contribution to the IBM patent portfolio. He is also a Member of the IBM Academy of Technology.

Kuntal takes an active interest in helping and mentoring inquisitive and innovative fresh talents to transform into mature inventors and researchers. He also takes interest in listening to, and helping, incipient thoughts mature into concrete material that can be protected and productized by IBM.

Kuntal has mentored a large number of inventors to get their first patent, and all the way, has mentored and associated with multiple people to their way of becoming IBM Master Inventors. This spans across IBM business units and geographies. He takes a pride in collaborating with new and wanna-be inventors from any part and specialization of IBM (and often mentoring them), and transforming their dreams of becoming inventors into reality.

Kuntal actively works with self-motivated students of all stages of learning (B Tech, M Tech and PhD - all), to help them become better researchers, across different disciplines within computer science.

Kuntal was a part of Microsoft India prior to joining IBM Research India, and was a part of VERITAS (Symantec) prior to that. He is passionate about teaching, and has conducted end-to-end academic courses across multiple universities.