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Advisory Research Engineer at IBM Research AI
India Research Laboratory, Bangalore, India



Naveen Panwar is Advisory research engineer at IBM research AI lab, India. He is currently part of IBM Research AI group. Few exciting research problems Naveen has worked with IBM Research AI are:

1. Features Disentanglement (Computer Vision) - Where our aim is to learn data features representation only for task it trained for not for any other task to improve AI model trust from privacy stand point.

2. Unstructured Text Bias (NLP) - Recently I have started exploring bias in unstructured text which includes identify bias on multiple attribute like: race, nationality, gender from given text and synthesise bias free text.

3. Sandhi Splitting problem on ancient Indian language Sanskrit (NLP) - We developed a single encoder and double decoder based sequence to sequence model for splitting sandhi locations and morphological changes in word.

4. Computation Creativity (Multi Modal) - Where given a set of sentences from a book or even a fan-fiction written in the same universe we employ deep learning models to visualise the input by stitching together relevant frames from the movie.


Apart from all the technical work, Naveen is Internship program lead for IBM Research, India