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Collaborative Cognition
India Research Laboratory, New Delhi, India


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Sarthak currently holds the position of Research Software Engineer at IBM Research, working in the Collaborative Cognition group at the Delhi office.

He works on both research and development side of projects in his job role; His current area of work includes building the cognitive platform IBM Watson Recruitment under Watson Talent Management.

As a part of the Collaborative Cognition agenda he works on extending Collaborative Decision Making to the recruitment domain; He also works on the Cogniculture project, where his team aim to develop next-gen social machines to acquire necessary socio-cultural adaptability skills to sustain (e.g. essential supplies self-sufficiency), survive (e.g. protect from environmental threats), and evolve (e.g. co-create far superior social welfare) in a civilization.

His current research interests include building social cognitive systems and exploring multi-agent collaboration within these systems to accomplish complex cognitive tasks.

Prior to IBM, he graduated with an undergrad degree in Computer Science from IIIT-Delhi working on multiple projects in the domain of machine learning and computer vision; Head of Product Development(Web) at a tech-governance start-up, Meri Awaaz; Member of the core team at Swarath (Autonomous Car Team @IIIT-Delhi) where he worked on the perception module; Research Associate at Precog (Social Media Analytics Group @IIIT-Delhi) where he explored visual summarization of social media datasets.