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India Research Laboratory, Bangalore, India



I am currently working in the Cognitive Technical Support group at Bangalore. My research focus is primarily on automated data curation through user interactions in the conversational systems. I use supervised and unsupervised machine learning and deep learning for this purpose. The conversation system is targeted for technical support to end users and uses Bluemix Watson services primarily.

I have worked on a variety of research problems in the domain of cognitive service delivery including ticket classification, root cause analysis and resolution action recommendations. I used Data mining, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques for designing innovative solutions. 

Prior to this, I worked on capacity planning problems in the context of shared delivery model of services. I used constraint optimization modeling for capacity planning and the solution was deployed in the tool used to manage work assignment to knowledge workers. I started my work with the Programming Languages group where I actively contributed towards the parallel progamming language X10 being developed by IBM. I worked on problems like MHP analysis, bounded resource scheduling, operational semantics for parallel languages with a focus on X10.

I have served as PC member in various conferences like ACM Compute, ICDCIT and BPM.

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