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Research Scientist
IBM Research - Tokyo, Japan


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  ACM  |  IEEE  |  Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)  |  Japan Society for Software Science and Technology


I currently work for Future of Computing - Financial Technology Group, IBM Research - Tokyo.

Research Interests:

  • Formal / Programming Language, Type System, Formal Logic and Reasoning in Real Applications.
  • Software Engineering: Formal Method, Software Description and  Software Testing / Verification.
  • Blockchain Technology


Recent Projects and Developed Software:

  • Development of applications based on IBM Debater:
    • A Hypothesis Evaluation System considering News and Causality Knowledge
    • Fake News Detection based on Argument Graph
  • Blockcain Application Developments:
    • Vehicle Software Configuration Management/Tracking System based on Blockchain (prototype).
    • Blockchain Client for Cross-Chain Settlement between Invoice and Coin.
    • A blockchain-based test management system for experimental vehicles (prototype).
  • Intelligent Question-Answering Concierge Robot System Development:
    • Reactive-Rule based Control for Concierge QA Robot, and
    • Automated Basic Recognition Test Method for Automatic Speech Recognition.
  • Document Analytics for Automated Quality Inspection and Test Case Generation:
    • Text Parser Combination System, and
    • Test-Oriented Description Format for Design Documents.
  • Legacy Modernizations -- Program Comprehension and Design Infomation Extraction: 
    • Deductive Rule based Query System for Data Extracton from Code, and
    • Cobol/PLI Symbolic Execution for Generating Test Inputs.



He received his B.S in Information Science from School of Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Japan and also recived his M.E in Computer Science from Graduate School of Information Sciences and Engineering in Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.  Then he recived his Ph.D in Computer and Mathematical Sciences from Graduate School of Infomation Sciences, Tohoku University, Japan.




International Conference/Journal Papers:

  • Futoshi Iwama, Miki Enoki, Sachiko Yoshihama: "HOPE-Graph: A Hypothesis Evaluation Service considering News and Causality Knowledge". SMDS 2021: 198-209.
  • Futoshi Iwama, Takashi Fukuda: "Automated Testing of Basic Recognition Capability for Speech Recognition Systems". ICST 2019: 13-24.
  • Kohtaroh Miyamoto, Hironori Takeuchi, Satoshi Masuda, and Futoshi Iwama: "Hierarchical Context Supplementation for Consecutive Question Answering". SOLI 2017: 1-6.
  • Satoshi Masuda, Futoshi Iwama, Nobuhiro Hosokawa, Tohru Matsuodani, Kazuhiko Tsuda: "Semantic analysis technique of logics retrieval for software testing from specification documents"ICST Workshops 2015: 1-6.
  • Futoshi Iwama, Taiga Nakamura, Hironori Takeuchi: "Constructing parser for industrial software specifications containing formal and natural language description".  ICSE 2012: 1012-1021.
  • Taiga Nakamura, Hironori Takeuchi, Futoshi Iwama, Ken Mizuno: "Enabling Analysis and Measurement of Conventional Software Development Documents Using Project-Specific Formalism". IWSM/Mensura 2011: 48-54.
  • Futoshi Iwama, Naoki Kobayashi: "A New Type System for JVM Lock Primitives". New Generation Comput. 26(2): 125-170 (2008).
  • Futoshi Iwama, Atsushi Igarashi, Naoki Kobayashi: "Resource usage analyis for a functional language with exceptions". PEPM 2006: 38-47.
  • Futoshi Iwama, Naoki Kobayashi: "A new type system for JVM lock primitives". ASIA-PEPM 2002: 71-82.


Domestic Conference/Journal Papers in Japanese:

Almost all my domestic conference/journal papers are written in Japanese. The followings are selected ones containing English abstract for your information (More Information in Japanese ).

  • Futoshi Iwama, Takaaki Tateishi: "COBOL Symbolic Execution for Test Data Generation based on Bit-vector logic" in Japanese. Computer Software Vol.32 (2015) No.2 pp.114-127.
  • Hironori Takeuchi, Taiga Nakamura, Ken Mizuno, Futoshi Iwama, Mayumi Kamata: "Document Artifact analysis in Software Development" in Japanese. Computer Software Vol.30 (2013) No.1 pp.53-64.
  • Futoshi Iwama, Taiga Nakamura, Hironori Takeuchi: "Parser Combinators for Parsing Semi-Structured Texts" in Japanese. Computer Software Vol.29 (2012) No.4 PP.258-277.


Technical Conference Papers:

  • Satoko Yoshida, Takaaki Tateishi, and Futoshi Iwama: "Accelerating COBOL Application Testing Using Automated Test Input Data Generation Technology". IBM Quality Software Engineering Symposium 2013 (QSE2013).



  • A member of English to Japanese translation team for the book "Handbook of Service Science". 
    • Japanese translation of "Handbook of Service Science". Tokyo Denki University Press, 2014.