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Research Staff Member - Neuromorphic Hardware
IBM Research - Tokyo, Kawasaki, Japan



Akihiro Horibe received his B.S., M.S., and Ph. D. degree in material science (polymer) from Keio University in 1993, 1995, and 1998, respectively. His research topics in the university were optical materials for graded-index polymer optical fiber and lighting systems for LCD, and light propagation analysis in light scattering media by Monte Carlo simulation. 

In 1998, he joined Display Business Unit in IBM Japan. He contributed to optical and material design for thin & light LCD in notebook PC application and high color purity 4K LCD monitors.

Since 2004, he joined IBM Research - Tokyo. Current focus research area is advanced material and process development for semiconductor packaging in server and cognitive device applications.


<Other memorable events>

1. Volvo Treasure Hunt Finalist (2006)  (Prize: Volvo V70)

(Blog in Japanese and Photos) http://volvo-treasure-hunt.at.webry.info/

2. Amazon puzzle contest winner in Japan (2006) (A contest to celebrate the publication of "Secrets of the Alchemist Dar") (Prize: $500 ($10K if in USA...))