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Academy of Technology LogoSenior Technical Staff Member - Text Analytics and Knowledge Mining (TAKMI)
IBM Research - Tokyo, Japan



Tetsuya Nasukawa is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM Research - Tokyo, and a member of IBM Academy of Technology. He was involved in several machine translation projects after joining IBM Research in 1989. He started a text mining (TM) project to take advantage of natural language processing technology developed through machine translation (MT) projects, and he developed a text analysis and knowledge mining system named IBM TAKMI. In addition to his work within IBM Research - Tokyo, he has had several special assignments, such as implementing MT in the National Language Support section of IBM Japan, doing research as a research staff member at the Watson Research Center, and supporting real-world TM implementations with IBM Business Consulting Services. He received a Ph.D. degree from Waseda University in 1998 for his work on natural language processing. His research interests include natural language understanding, text mining, sentiment analysis, and conversation mining.