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Doctor of Informatics
Tokyo Research Laboratory, Yamato, Japan



Quantum Computing PIC Co-Chair in IBM Research -- Tokyo.

Skills in Algorithms, Data Mining, and Optimization with 40+ scientific papers published in prestigious international conferences and journals (with 420+ citations according to Google Scholar), and 15+ patents. Working experiences in various fields of industries, such as, automotives, telecommunications, finance, energy and smarter cities by applying data analytics and optimization technologies.

IBM recently announced the initiative to build a Quantum Community by the Quantum Experience following the progress in technologies for realizing quantum computers and quantum algorithms that have significant speed-up factors with regards to their classical counterparts. The list of such quantum algorithms  can be found in the quantum algorithm zoo, where Quantum Counterfeit Coin Algorithms (co-invented by the author) is listed  as the first-known "quartic" speed-up.


Recently wrote an article introducing IBM Q in ProVision 92.




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Ph. D Thesis

"Studies on Quantum Query Complexities and Quantum Network Coding", Kyoto University, March 2006.