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Research Staff Member - Neuromorphic Interconnection
IBM Research - Tokyo, Kawasaki, Japan



Takahito Watanabe received his B.E. degree from Meiji University in 2006 and the M.E. degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2008, both in electrical engineering. He joined NEC Corporation in 2008 as a researcher of Device Platform Research laboratory, and worked on magnetic shield simulation for MRAM-PKG. From 2010 to 2014, he was with Renesas Electronics Corporation where he launched electoroless plating line. He moved to Tokyo Seimitsu Corporation in 2014 and contributed to high stiffness Ni-blade development. In 2016, he joined IBM Research -Tokyo, and now he is a researcher of neuromorphic interconnection group.


IEEE CPMT Japan Chapter Young Award in 2012



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