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Akiyo Nomura is a researcher in the Neuromorphic Device group at IBM Research - Tokyo. The group is located in the IBM Shin-Kawasaki facility at NANOBIC, a research park owned by Kawasaki City for open innovations in micro/nanotechnology. Ms. Nomura joined IBM in 2017 after receiving her MS from Keio University. Her major in university was solid-state physics with a focus on spintronics. Since she joined IBM, she has been working on a next-generation analog AI hardware accelerator for deep neural networks and spiking neural networks. The accelerator enables in-memory operation by utilizing new synaptic-element devices and circuit technologies. She has presented the results of her research at renowned international conferences, and she has also published her work in journals. She is enjoying working with global IBM researchers to come up with new concepts for AI hardware circuits.


Professional Activities

  • IEICE Editorial committee member (working group D) Jun, 2019 - present
  • ICONIP 2019 PC member


  • IEEJ Excellent Presentation Award 2019