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Erick is a research scientist with IBM Research Africa.  His work is focussed on understanding the cultural practices of local communities within the continent with the aim of designing sustainable technology solutions around small scale agriculture and retail business. Prior to this role, he gained experience at Infosys in Bangalore as a researcher in Internet of Things (IoT). At Infosys, Erick  identified gaps of existing specification Standards for Machine to Machine ( M2M) Device Management (DM). This work culminated in providing suggestion for high level specification framework that would guide Infosys in future explorations towards the realization of uniform global standards for M2M Device Management.

Erick also worked at Siemens Corporate Research in Princeton, NJ, U.S.A with the User experience group. At Siemens he designed user interfaces for ultrasound products using silverlight. He also implemented cross browser compatible interfaces to produce Siemens Healthcare product prototypes that fit specifications set by the graphic design team.

Alongside research, Erick also held teaching jobs in Sweden both at Gothenburg and Chalmers Universities.  He spent time supervising master level students as they developed the software architecture for mobile and web applications in the area of crisis response and management.

Erick holds a PhD in Human Computer Interaction from Simon Fraser University, Canada, under the supervision of Dr. Carman Neustaedter and a Msc in intelligent systems design from Chalmers University, Sweden. He conducts interdisciplinary research that spans the areas of computer science, user design, social psychology, and anthropology. His dissertation explores how to design family communication technologies for areas of the world that have limited technology infrastructure with a focus on Kenya (Video). He has interest in  applying ethnographic research methods for in situ observation, interviewing, and understanding of cultural practices surrounding technology usage. Erick's publications can be found under the  link provided above and also on his personal web page.