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Research Software Engineer
IBM Research - Africa



Nelson K Bore is a Research Software Engineer at IBM Research – Africa and part of future of climate and future of Health teams.

Nelson has vast technical and research experience of over 7 years in leading, inventing, designing and developing novel solutions has equipped me with well-rounded skill set in technology. These skills have armed me with the capability to always be ready to solve and address diverse challenges. During this period, I’ve contributed to analytical problem conception, framework design, implementation and realizing new ideas into practical implementations along with publications that stem from my analytical research

Through these projects and others, Nelson has authored and co-authored and presented ten peer-reviewed research publications in multinationals ACM and IEEE conferences. In addition, Nelson has filed a number of patent inventions which culminate in winning various awards which include IBM’s leadership and outstanding technical achievement award.

Nelson received his B. Sc. Software Engineering degree from University of Easter Africa, Baraton (Kenya) and M. Sc. Mobile Telecommunications Innovation and development from Strathmore University (Kenya). He is currently pursuing M.Sc. degree in Computer science from Georgia Tech Institute of Technology.

Nelson's interests include systems design, hybrid cloud, mobile computing, information retrieval, blockchain and software engineering. Nelson is passionate about ensuring software products are sustainable.