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AI, Vision, Affect, and Blockchain Researcher
IBM Research - Africa


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  ACM SIGCHI  |  IEEE   |  IEEE Communications Society  |  IEEE Computational Intelligence Society


I am Solomon Shelby Darnell, a creator, learner, achiever, researcher, scientist and dreamer.  I earned a PhD in computer science form Clemson University in May 2015.  The title of my dissertation is "EngageME--The Design and Implementation of a Reflective Tool for Evaluating Student Engagement".  The work utilizes research from the areas of human computer interaction, affective computing, and computational intelligence.  The artifact that was built for the work was a web site that brings together synchronized student affect data with classroom video.  Teachers are able to reflect on their classes by viewing the video along with student electrodermal activity, and make notes in the application about their idea of the students affect state at any point of time in class. Because of the sensitive information concerning minors the web site is NOT available outside of a very limited research context.

My bachelors is in Computer Engineering from Auburn University, where as my masters is in Software Engineering from the same institution.

Loving SyFy has been pretty much a lifelong affliction and to that end being a computer scientist (with specializations in AI, Vision, and Affect) who works well with others to bring fantastic ideas to life is a necessity.

Being an IBM research scientist provides a platform for me to comfortably live my reality while pursuing some of my dreams!

Personal website: ShelbyDarnell dot COM