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Research Scientist, Water & Public Sector Services
IBM Research - Africa



Dr. Nathan Wangusi is a Research Scientist at IBM where he focuses on delivering cutting edge research in the water sector and in public sector transformation. As a team member of the USAID funded Kenya RAPID project he is focused on developing decision support systems in the water ecosystem, optimizing water service processes and enhancing financial services in the water sector in marginalized communities. His work in the public sector is focused on supporting African governments improve their trade competitiveness environment through enhanced business services, technology and legislation. In Kenya, his work has directly led to an improvement from position 132 to 80 over the past 3 years in the Doing Business rank. He recently led a technical team working with the Government of Rwanda to develop the Africa Smart Cities Blueprint which will be adopted as a standard by the African Union. At IBM Research he has additional responsibilities as the Professional Interest Communities coordinator.

He began his career as an Environmental Engineer with Carollo Engineering in the Midwestern US. He was a Management Consultant with Excelsior Firm and consulted with the Department of Water Affairs in South Africa in water resources planning. He has also worked as a Development Consultant for the US Government through the Rural Community Assistance Program.Dr. Wangusi has also driven the development from policy development through to assent of the Companies (Amendment) Bill 2017 to strengthen investor protection and the Movable Property Security Rights Act 2017 that established a framework for secured transactions in Kenya.

He is an external advisor to the Board of the Human Needs Project. He is also the member of the Business Court Users Committee of the Judiciary as Head of the Subcommittee on Technology and Enhancing Doing Business. He has been the recipient of the Rotary Ambassadorial Fellowship and a National Research Foundation of South Africa Award. He was recently appointed to the Scientific Committee of the UNESCO Technology for Development International Conference. In 2018 he was awarded the IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award.

He holds a Ph.D in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from the University of Florida.