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Technical Architect (Machine Learning)
IBM Singapore Lab



Hifaz Hassan leads the design and development of machine learning platform and solutions for research projects in area of transportation and finance.

Research Projects:-

Enterprise Extended Reinforcement Learning Platform

Enterprise grade platform to develop different types of reinforcement learning algorithms at scale and applications on top of it.

Decision Support System Optimizer (DSSO) for Transportation

DSSO provides a suite of tools using advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms for effective operational decision support in transportation management centers. DSSO provides automatic incident detection, traffic prediction for next hour and spatial impact modelling. DSSO performs an optimization of the control responses and suggests action plans to traffic operators. DSSO permits better decision making and faster response to incidents than is possible using only human intervention.

Sense Making and Predictive Analytics for Sea Safety

Development of unified sense making and predictive analytics system for detection of unusual behavior of ships like transponder off, illegal bunkering, entry into prohibited areas, movement/ETA prediction on IoT platform using advanced machine learning algorithms.