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Academy of Technology LogoIBM iX Digital Architect (Technical Staff Member)
IBM iX London Studio



Jack is a co-founder of the IBM iX technical community, with a passion for developing our talent. Jack finds that he learns a lot from listening to the experiences of his colleagues, clients and users, digging for novel ideas which he shares at international meet-ups and conferences. Jack helps run meet-ups and classroom workshops, coaching on lean, agile and devops software engineering techniques.

On client engagements, Jack is passionate about starting with the why; digging for the real problem statement, discovering user needs, identifying outcomes, exploring options to prove/disprove hypotheses/assumptions in a cost effective way, prior to moving into solution design and engineering.

Jack is famous for reinventing the way IBM iX craft products for our clients by product managing a set of differentiating toolchain and working software assets that not only accelerate time to value for our clients, but provide our people with an exceptional experience, so that they have more time to learn and innovate.