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Emerging Technology Specialist - IBM Emerging Technology
Hursley, UK


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I have been an Emerging Technology Specialist in IBM Emerging Technology since February 2016, initially joining the department to work on automatic ship detection in satellite SAR imagery using low-power neuromorphic chips. Since joining I have worked on a variety of client engagements in several different industries, including consumer goods, biometrics, automotive, banking, and smart cities. My main focus is on machine learning and data science applications.

I am a researcher in the DAIS-ITA programme, which brings together partners from government, academia and industry in the UK and US to perform fundamental research in distributed analytics and information sciences. I focus mainly on interpretable machine learning/explainable AI, and learning using sparse distributed memory representations.

Prior to joining IBM I completed a PhD in theoretical neuroscience at Newcastle University, studying models of electrical potentials in brain tissue, followed by a year's postdoctoral fellowship studying neural information processing at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan.