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IBM CTO working within Public Sector
United Kingdom



Hass is an CTO in Public Sector overseeing our technical work across a number of IBM's public sector clients. Hass is a "hands-on" technical leader who is enthusiastic about our people and building their skills. Over the last 5 years, he's been helping IT professionals build their DevOps, Cloud, Architecture and Full stack development skills. Hass's CTO role involves providing oversight, advice and guidance on IBMs Public Sector client work in Complex Systems Integration, Data Centre Migration, Application Development, Cloud as well as IT Operations.

Hass has worked in Public, Financial Services, Industrial, Retail and Telco industries working as a Cable Engineer, Full stack developer, Infrastructure Specialist and Architect and describes himself as an engineer with a broad range of skills across a wide variety of cloud, infrastructure, integration and application technologies. 

Hass's background and experience is in large-scale business transformation programmes involving complex systems integration having worked as Chief Architect in both sales and delivery.