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Progamme Director, Emerging Technogy
IBM Research Laboratory, UK


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Professional Associations:  Project Management Institute


I lead the Emerging Technology team, who provide high level expertise in integrating emerging technology with IBM Research assets and IBM products to create cutting edge solutions to solve client problems. 

This client facing work sits alongside the research work the team does which includes the DAIS ITA programme and the Fully Homomorhic Encryption work which is focusing on delivering first of a kind client POCs.

I'm the project manager for the UK side of the DAIS ITA research contract https://dais-ita.org/pub http://sl.dais-ita.org/ which focuses on fundamental research, International Technology Alliance in Distributed Analytics and Information Sciences. Previously the UK project manager for the NIS ITA http://nis-ita.org/ research programme into Network Science in coalition operations These are collaborative programmes where we, along wth the Yorktown research teams, have built a consortium of partners including industry and academia in the US and UK and rely on collaborative remote teams working together.

After graduating in Electronic engineering I joined Racal Research designing HF radios before joining IBM as a hardware engineer in graphics chip design, later moving into software engineering before taking on management and project management roles and more recently responsible for leading the Emerging Technology team. An experienced people manager, business and project manager with many years of practical client facing delivery experience.